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The Story of Fly
Straight out of Brooklyn.
How the Internet helped rescue a dog.
The World's Coolest Dog 


Some people call Farmboy a bookworm.
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Farmboy's Sheep
(and other farm scenes)
These are the lawnmowers/fertilizers/wool machines who wake farmboy up in the morning. If you haven't heard a flock of sheep baaaa-ing in the morning, you haven't truly been awakened.

Here are some of farmboy's favorite places for wasting time on the web (and some web work he's done so others can waste time). If you really don't care to see this, feel free to leave.

Want to keep a record of everything you own? Want to make sure that that record still exists if your house is compromised (burns, is robbed, etc.)? Use Urchive. Want to share views of your collections with friends, insurance companies, galleries, etc.? Use Urchive.
SmarterChild once was the smartest character on the internet. Then Microsoft bought the company (Colloquis, Inc.) that created SmarterChild. Now, like everything else Microsoft does, SmarterChild is dumb as a doorknob. Oh how wonderful (and smarter) the world would be without Microsoft.
Rotten Tomatoes
Why check out just one or two movie reviews when you can get the aggregate opinion of hundreds of reviewers in one place?

On2 Technologies
Will streaming video ever be as good as "regular" tv? Click here and watch your computer play movie trailers as if you were watching digital television.
This is an example of the PERFECT use of this medium. Search for a product, read quality reviews, find out pricing, buy it.  This site changes everything in consumer information and purchasing.  All from the comfort of your keyboard.  For up-to-the-minute happenings in the world of hi-tech, check out and from the same folks. 
Civilized people should not have to lug home heavy bags from the grocery store.  Not when there's a service like Netgrocer to deliver the necessaries right to your door (or front porch, or doorman).  Trips to the store are much more fun when all you have to buy are fresh things.  Fruit, vegetables, fish, bread.  Leave the staples to Netgrocer and start enjoying your grocery shopping.
Epicurious Recipes
Got something in the fridge, or growing in the garden, and want to know what to cook with it? Just bought a pantry full of goodies from Netgrocer and want to know what to do with them?  Just enter your ingredients here, and you'll have plenty of tasty options, in a brialliant example of how useful the web can be.
Farmboy was responsible for an earlier incarnation of this site, but now completely disavows himself of everything that the company is doing, so he had to kill the link. Sadly. 

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